Our Produce

The produce planted and grown on our land is biologically certified to show that it is not contaminated with pharmaceutical and other chemical products, respecting the cycles of nature in Lunigiana, an area historically dedicated to culture and quality far from industrialisation.It is possible to take a collection of our products to enjoy in your home.

Our farm has an apple orchard including autocotona and delicious Rotella apples, a secluded chestnut garden, biologically grown vegetables, an apiary near the acacia and chestnut woods, and a young planting of hazel nuts

The Chestnut Flour

From our century year old chestnut grove, we collect the chestnuts, drying them over a gentle heat for thirty days before grinding them in a water driven mill

Jams from the bio fruit from our orchard

Grape and strawberry Chutneys to go with cheese: apple, cinnamon, pepperoncino.

The honey from our apiary

near the woods combines nectar from chestnuts, acacia and wildflowers.

In addition to seasonal fruit and vegetables, you will also find wine from the Castel del Piano, Castagnini cellars

If you are the owner of a restaurant,shop, bar, local produce store, contact us for prices for local traders

If you are enamoured with enogastronomic walks to discover local flavours, we can acompany you on a journey through flavours of biological produce from our orchard, vines, apple and hazelnut groves and the apiari, giving you routes to follow yourselves with interesting stops at local farms and producers.

The farm organizes delicious snacks and tastings with the typical products of Lunigiana.