From farm to table

porta il sapore della Lunigiana a casa tua!

Agribottega del Gusto is managed by Giovanna and Serena, two friends sharing a passion for genuine and healthy food who have decided to create this food shop at the heart of Fivizzano to invite people to discover the specialties of Lunigiana.
Here you can find organic local products from our farms as well as other typical products from the area, including products by Slow Food and the UNESCO Reserve of the Apennines.
But this is not just a grocery shop! Here you will also learn the stories behind each product and their relationship with this incredible land.

Products from our farms: (Di là dall’Acqua e Pachamama)

  • Chestnut flour and its derived products (pasta, biscuits, sweet cream, chestnut beer)

  • Hazelnuts and its derived products (biscuits, gluten-free cake, hazelnut cream)

  • Chestnut, acacia and wild flowers honey

  • Jams (raspberries, apple, cherries, plum)

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Apples (in particular the sweet local variety “mela rotella”), pears and small fruits

  • Seasonal vegetables (lettuce, various types of salad, spinach, herbs, carrots, spring cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, celery, parsley, fennel, daikon, leek, onions, potatoes and pumpkins)

Other local products:

  • Cheese

  • Cold cuts

  • Vegetable pie

  • Artisanal pasta and local flour

  • Testarolo and panigacci (sort of unleavened bread)

  • Wood-fired bread

  • Marocca di Casola (chestnut bread)

  • The best local wines

  • China Clementi liqueur

Here are some ideas for your tasty snack

Indulge yourself with a tasty snack or aperitif with local products! Agribottega is open from Monday to Sunday, from the morning until dinner time.

  • Crostone di Amanda: wood-fired bread bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, basil, soft cheese and fresh sausage

  • Tagliere contadino: mixed platter of cold cuts (culatello ham, local mortadella salami, bacon), cow and goat cheese, vegetable pies, Marocca di Casola (chestnut bread), bruschetta with pesto, cracker

  • Tagliere Slow: tris of vegetable pies, Marocca di Casola bread with caciotta cheese, beans with onions

  • Tagliere dei Medici: platter with castagnaccio (chestnut cake), caciotta cheese, pecorino cheese, fresh ricotta, mortadella salami, filetto ham, crackers, vegetable pies, sweet & sour vegetables

  • Grandmother merenda: bread with butter and jam

  • Pilgrim plate: focaccia, caciotta and pecorino cheese, tomino (soft warm cheese), bruschetta with tomato and pesto

  • Vegetarian plate: vegetable pie, barbotta (onion pie), caciotta cheese, bruschetta with pesto and tomato, sweet & sour vegetable

  • Vegan plate: mixed vegetables, bruschetta with pesto and tomato, spelt salad, castagnaccio (chestnut cake), sweet & sour vegetables, vegan flan with mayo

  • Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices

  • Sweets and desserts

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