Walking or pedalling to see how the unique and unforgettable colours of the local panorama change. Or, simply doing nothing, just abandon yourself to meditate or read on the banks of the river


Many are the routes departing from the vicinity, allowing you to pass a day or just a few hours immersed in the colour and perfume of the woods. For example:there is the Cai per la Tergagliana path, with lots of views over the Apuane mountains, Fivizzano and all the Rosaro Valley; there is the path of the fairies to reach the natural pools known as Bozzi of the Fairies along the Rosaro ; then there is the third stage of the Via del Volto Santo from Fivizzano to Lucca ( 17 Kilometres). In a day you can cover Fivizzano to Monte Argegna, which through wonderful fords, parishes and villages and the panoramic views of the Apuane, reaching a vista towards the sea. In the agriturismo you will find a guide of Terre di Mezzo. Using a car you can reach the Parco Appennino Tosco Emiliano area ( a Unesco site) crossing the Lucido valley and the Apuane Alp Park where you can find a wide range of walking itineraries.


Next to Podere Groppini, there is the “bike centre”where you can hire for half a day or a day an e-bike which will allow you to journey in the local countryside in “Slow” style.We will provide a map and the App where you can find the itinerary most suited to your capability.
For a small group we can arrange an outing with a guide.
Our suggested iteraries include: Ring of the Tergagliana, wandering through the gentle hillsides with a tempting stop in a dairy making cheese, plus tour of parishes and castles.

The River

Both Podere“ Di La dal”acqua” and Podere “Groppini”are next to the river.Here it is possible to relax to the soft murmur of the water or for the more courageous, to take a swim. The falls of the Facciano known as “bumps” of the fairies are reached on foot in 40 minutes, using the old mule track. You arrive at Pognana and from here crossing the the wood you arrive at the “bumps”where you will find natural falls and pools of very clear water. The place i salso reachable via an adventurous route following the river Rosaro from the agriturismo.

Lunigiana Tasting

Wine tasting with a visitto the cantina of Castel Del Piano near Licciana Nardi. The winery was established in 2019 for “slow”wine. Another experience which provides us with products of “Slow”food, is a visit to the lworkshopfor testaroli in Pontrmoli; here it is possible to learn the old cooking style in cast iron dishes.Moving to the centre of Pontremoli, we reeccomend visiting the shops in Via Garibaldi, particularly Oil Boutique, where it is possible to taste and buy locally approved oil. From Pontrmoli to Regnano, it is possible to visit the bakery where they make Marocca di Casola, bread made with chestnut flour which Fabio’s experienced hands brought back table contnuing a historic tradition. To conclude this beautiful experience, you must not miss a visit to the historic Clementi pharmacy, where for 4 generations, they have produced using the original artisan process a very aromatic “digestive”which can be enjoyed as nightcap at the agriturismo.

In the agriturismo there is a noticeboard with guides and maps of the area; let yourself be advised on unusual outings here.

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